Materials processing

High power laser radiation can be used to produce intense heating, melting or vapozation when interacts with materials. Then, this tool can be used to perform various manufacturing operations or material processing techniques. It can used for conventional manufacturing processes, such as cutting, welding, drilling, hardening, etc. However, the application of lasers in these manufacturing techniques is strongly dependent on the material to process. The different thermal response of materials under intense laser radiation can lead to different results, e.g. laser cutting of age-hardenable alloys can dramatically reduce the mechanical properties in the surroundings of the cutting region.
We aim to overcome these limitations by the understanding of the main mechanism involved during the laser processing of conventional or advanced materials, from the laser/matter interaction, mass or heat transfer produced during these processes.

Laser microdrilling of 0.3 mm stainless steel foil
Cross sectional view of the cutting edge of a CFRP sheet (3 mm) cut with laser
Imaging in real-time of the cutting front during CO2 laser cutting of glass