Biomaterials synthesis and processing

According to the American National Institute of Health, a biomaterial is “any substance or combination of substances, other than drugs, synthetic or natural in origin, which can be used for any period of time, which augments or replaces partially or totally any tissue, organ or function of the body, in order to maintain or improve the quality of life of the individual”

In order to perform these tasks, any biomaterial should posses specific properties, e.g. adequated mechanical properties, non-elicit a toxic response, etc. In general, no biomaterial fulfill these requirements. Therefore, there are two alternatives: the modification of the properties of the current biomaterials, or the synthesis of new ones. In the Laser4Mat laboratory we follow both approaches by:

  • Laser modification of the surface and chemical properties of materials.
  • Synthesis of nanomaterials based on bioactive glasses.
13-93 Bioactive glass nanofibers

The characterization and evaluation of the biological performance of these novel biomaterials is also addressed. Novel bioreactors are designed for this task.

Design of biorreactors for biomaterials testing
3D printing of PLA nanocomposites bone scaffolds