Additive manufacturing

Laser-based additive manufacturing (AM) is a group of manufacturing processes used to produce three-dimensional components. Lasers have played an essential role in the development of AM processes as the earliest AM systems were based on this technology. Nowadays, most relevant additive manufacturing techniques rely on the utilization of lasers, as the energy source, to join materials for making 3D objects.

Lasers can provide localized and controllable amounts of energy with the aim to cure a liquid photopolymer, to sinter or melt powders of different nature or even to cut laminates in order to obtain a physical model in the macro- or microscale.

Three-dimensional components made of metal, ceramic, polymer or even composites, can be produced using laser-based additive manufacturing process.

Additive manufacturing based on laser cladding

The main research lines in the Laser4Mat laboratory encompasses the additive manufacturing of nanocomposites, laser micro-additive manufacturing, or the additive manufacturing of new materials with advanced properties